Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains all the frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, please click here and send your question by e-mail or call (407)260-3440 to speak with someone in City Hall.

 Question Title:
 Recreation & Parks: What is the Tax ID# for child and dependent care expenses for Summer Camp?
 Recreation & Parks: How do I sign up for the AARP Driver Safety Program?
 Recreation & Parks: How can I rent a Ball Field or Pavilion?
 Recreation & Parks: Where can I sign up for Babe Ruth baseball and/or softball?
 Recreation & Parks: Can I rent the Community Building?
 City Clerk: What is Longwood's population?
 City Clerk: Do I have to obtain a garage sale permit?
 City Hall: Where is City Hall located?
 City Hall: What are City Hall's hours of operation?
 Fire Department: What should I do if my smoke detector is hooked directly to a power source?
 Fire Department: Why can't the Fire Department fill my swimming pool?
 Fire Department: How often should I change the batteries in my smoke detector?
 Fire Department: Will I see a doctor faster if I go to the hospital by ambulance?
 Fire Department: Does the Fire Department exchange sharps containers?
 Fire Department: Does the Fire Department perform free blood pressure checks?
 Fire Department: Why does an Engine come to my house when I call for a medical emergency?
 What are the regular business hours of the City?

 Community Development:  How do I get started with the Site Plan Process?

 Community Development:  I need a copy of a survey or site plan.  How can I get one?

 Community Development:  What are the setbacks for my residential property and what is the  maximum impervious area allowed?
 Community Development:  What’s the Future Land Use for a property?
 Community Development:  What uses are allowed on my property?
 Community Development:  How do I get a Future Land Use letter for my property?
 Community Development:  Is a parcel located within the Longwood city limits?