Green Building Program

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Voluntary Incentive Program

In order to promote a sustainable future for the City of Longwood, the Longwood City Commission passed the City's Green Ordinance in May of 2010. The Ordinance established a Green Building Program which is a voluntary incentive program to encourage environmentally-sensitive development in the City of Longwood.
Incentives provided through the program include:
  • Fast-track permitting incentives. Programs that qualify for the voluntary green building program shall be eligible for a fast-track processing time of 20 days for complete and compliant site plans and 7 days for complete and compliant building permit applications.
  • Site plan fee reduction. A reduction of 10% of the site plan review fee for projects under the Green Building Program that achieve the desired program certification (LEED, etc.)
  • Marketing. The City of Longwood shall provide marketing incentives to program participants, including press releases for projects under the City's program, inclusion of program participants on the City's website, and more.
  • Green building awards. The City of Longwood will public recognize outstanding commitment to "green building" by annually awarding the "Green Building Award" to one program participant. The City will also provide a special recognition award to those contractors that donate significant reusable building materials to non-profit local building organizations.
For more information on the City's Green Building Program, please contact the Community Development Division.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping

The City of Longwood participates in the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program, which promotes Florida-Friendly Landscaping. In combination with green building practices, FYN promotes Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ ( FFL ), which means using low-maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices. Learn how you can have a beautiful landscape that could save you time, energy and money while protecting our future. Access more information on this program.