Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations is comprised of 4 Investigators, a Forensic Technician and an Administrative Assistant commanded by a Sergeant. Criminal Investigations is responsible for the investigation, apprehension and preparation for prosecution of criminal cases and the recovery of stolen property. The Criminal Investigations Unit is tasked with police functions of a prolonged investigative nature.
Man checking out a car
Crime Scene
Criminal Investigations is responsible for the follow-up investigation of all criminal offenses reported to the Longwood Police Department. The investigators receive specialized training and equipment designed to enhance the investigator's abilities to better serve the citizens of Longwood.
The investigators work closely with the Patrol Division and the State Attorney's Office to ensure a positive disposition on every case investigated.

To report information on a crime, go to Electronic Tip Form Or visit Central Florida's Crimeline.

Forensic Unit

The Forensic Unit maintains the chain of custody for all evidence and property seized or impounded by the Longwood Police Department. To pick-up your property, please contact Forensic Technician Marilyn Pardo at 407-260-3417 to schedule an appointment.