School Resource Program

The Longwood Police Department's School Resource Officer (SRO) program is a partnership between the police, the schools and the citizens of Longwood. The program places a trained police officer in our schools every day that school is in session.
The officer acts as an adviser, role model and educator, teaching various programs (Focus on Safety) and working in collaboration with students, parents, teachers and administrators in a community-oriented police setting.


The SRO program is not a response to increased crime, drugs or violence in the schools-it is a program designed to help maintain the excellent standards of education and safety already in place.

Focus on Safety is designed to address the kinds of issues, pressures and challenges that students face on a daily basis. Over 9 weeks, students learn about building self-esteem, internet safety, weapons safety and drug and gang resistance.
As a school-based program, it is aimed at reducing incidents of delinquency, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, bullying, peer pressure, vandalism and other issues which tend to occur in a school environment.

Prevention & Positive Environment Reinforcement

The SRO takes a proactive role within the school, identifying concerns before they become issues. This strategy of prevention is an essential component of the program and one which is paramount to intervention. The daily interaction between the officer and students not only promotes positive relationships between youth and law enforcement but also fosters an environment of trust, an important factor for kids who may find themselves in need of help at some point.