Stormwater Management

The City’s Stormwater Management program is a significantly growing function of the day-to-day responsibilities within the Public Works Department. The staff has been diligently working to improve, educate, and provide resources to our community about the proper management of stormwater runoff and floodplain management.

The stormwater team focuses on regularly inspecting inlets, outlets culverts, construction sites, lakes, and ponds in an effort to prevent discharge of treated effluent to groundwater.  Each inspection visit involves checking for proper record keeping, mechanical components, and taking effluent samples for compliance with NPDES permit standards. For more information visit the City's stormwater ordinance.

Stormwater & Flooding Concerns 

The Stormwater facilities are also installed and maintained by the Public Works Department. For flooding or drainage concerns please notify the Public Works Office 407-263-2382.

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  1. Streets & Stormwater Supervisor