Flood Zone Maps

The City of Longwood, Seminole County, the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have partnered together to revise and update the 1995 Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). FEMA’s map modernization program entails providing updated flood maps and data for communities nationwide that are more accurate, easier-to-use, and readily available.


The City of Longwood, working with an engineering consultant, had an existing conditions analysis and stormwater modeling study performed as part of the City of Longwood’s Master Stormwater Plan.  The study resulted in updated predicted flood hazard zones.  The predicted flood hazard zones are based on detailed parameters and regional drainage characteristics specific to the City of Longwood and contributing drainage basins. Currently, the results of the existing condition study and the predicted flood hazard zone limits have not been formally adopted by FEMA.  However, the updated predicted flood hazard zones have been officially adopted by the City Commission and may supersede FEMA information at the discretion of the city engineers for the purposes of planning and engineering documents prepared for the City in the course of development review. 

The following link provides access to maps showing the predicted flood hazard zones from the City of Longwood study as well as an overlay of the predicted flood hazard zones compared to the FEMA flood zones.  The City of Longwood predicted flood hazard maps should be consulted as part of the due diligence phase when considering leasing or purchasing property in the city limits.  

Longwood Predicted Flood Hazard Zone Maps

For additional information or if you have any questions about the information provided, please contact Eric W. Nagowski, P.E. at 407-263-2382 or at ENagowski@longwoodfl.org.