Streets Division

Sidewalk Work

Our Public Works Streets Division is responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of all city streets, sidewalks, and the city's right of way. In the progression of the City’s Road & Street Resurfacing Pavement Management program milling and resurfacing of Warren Avenue from St. Laurent Street to Milwee Street including the Fire Station parking lot was completed.

Street sweeping occurs quarterly and is posted on the City's website, social media, and newsletter.

  1. Streets & Stormwater Supervisor

  2. Emergency Phone: 407-339-1297

Recent Major Accomplishments

  • Performed sidewalk joint grinding throughout the Markham Hills and Barrington Subdivision.
  • Irrigation and landscaping were added as an entryway feature into Longwood at the stormwater pond at the corner of W. SR 434 and Raymond. The landscape included a mix of low-level shrubs, flowering shrubs, grasses, and flowering ground cover accented by cypress trees, slash pine trees, live oak trees, and Crepe Myrtle flowering trees.
  • 2021 Adopt-A-Road Program – the City of Longwood adopted Ronald Reagan Blvd distance 0.98 miles, between Longwood Hills Road North and General Hutchinson Parkway.
  • Columbus Harbour Sidewalk Repairs
  • Roadway concepts – installed Red Detectable warning surfaces on the Curb Cut Ramps.

Tree Concerns

Trees are an important part of every community. They improve air quality, provide shade, remove air pollutants, reduce stormwater runoff, increase property values, and so forth. It is important to properly maintain our trees. The Public Works Street Division is also in charge of city maintenance issues such as tree trimming. To request maintenance of a tree that is located in a right-of-way or easement area maintained by the city call 407-263-2382. Follow this link to review a copy of the City of Longwood Tree Ordinance No. 09-1894 (PDF).

Street Signs

Street signs include stop signs as well as other various signs. Any new signage must be cleared by our Police Department for placement. If you need to contact the Police Department for signage approval, please call 407-260-3400.

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In Longwood, shared lane markings (also called  “sharrows”, pictured left) have been installed on specific streets that are intended to be more bicycle friendly and provide important bike connectivity as part of the City of Longwood’s Multimodal Transportation Master Plan. A shared lane marking is a special striping symbol added to a road to emphasize that shared use by bicycles is appropriate. It is NOT a dedicated bike lane, in which bicycles have their own lane and can ride side-by-side with motorists. Instead, bicycles and automobiles share the road in line rather than side-by-side. These sharrows are added both to help guide bicyclists and also to notify motorists that they should expect (and respect) bicyclists on the road. For most streets in Longwood, roads are too narrow for both bicycles and automobiles to ride side-by-side safely. However, in general, bicyclists are allowed to share the road (i.e., ride in line with the flow of traffic) in such situations (regardless of whether shared lane markings are present). For more information on bicycling and related laws in Florida, visit

Street Light Outages

Duke Energy and the City of Longwood strive to keep our city safe and beautiful. If you notice a street light outage please report it to Duke Energy, call 407-629-1010, or email Duke Energy.

Create a Work Order for the Public Works Division

The City of Longwood appreciates our citizen's roles in helping us maintain our charming city. Should you notice an issue that needs to be addressed within our city limits, for your convenience you may access the City of Longwood's Citizen Service Request to create a work order and track our progress. This is a convenient and pleasant way for you to help keep us informed and our city safe and beautiful.

Contractors Guide for City Standards & Procedures

Access the Manual of Design Standards for City Streets, Stormwater Systems, and Subdivisions (PDF).