Water Restrictions & Conservation

Watering Restrictions

Scientifically speaking, St. Augustine grass only needs 3/4" twice a week during the hot summer days to keep your grass alive.  Too much irrigation can actually harm your grass by creating, fungus or root rot. 

In the cooler months, (November to March) remember to set your irrigation timers to water only (1) one day a week (Eastern Standard Time) during the cooler months. This will save you money and our precious resources.

Water Conservation Ordinance #09-1886

On March 2, 2009, the City of Longwood Commission adopted this Ordinance, allowing the City to implement procedures that promote water conservation through more efficient landscape irrigation and prohibiting wasteful and unnecessary water use.

Water Conservation Tips

Use the link above to find easy water-saving tips.

Ever Wonder Why It's So Important to Conserve Water?

You can survive 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water. The high-quality groundwater that provides our drinking water is one of our most valuable natural resources. The population of Seminole County continues to grow rapidly, and we may not be able to continue using water the way we do now without creating environmental and financial impacts. Learning to use less water today is the best and least expensive way to avoid possible problems in the future.