Leisure Services

The City of Longwood Leisure Services Department encompasses all of the perks and benefits associated with Parks and Recreation. We provide the City of Longwood's residents and the surrounding populations of various ages with recreational activities including events, leagues, and programs as well as parks and camps that enhance the quality of living for everyone involved.

Opportunities for Engagement

The emphasis for the Leisure Services Department is to allow our citizens to become actively engaged with some form of recreation within the boundaries of our wonderful city. We strive to offer safe destinations in our numerous parks, affordable programs (active and cultural) for youth and adults, as well as facilities that can be rented out in order to accommodate events of various purposes.

From our Car Shows and Farmers’ Markets to our widely recognized baseball program, Longwood has something to offer for anyone and everyone.

Learn more through our Quick Links about the various services offered, such as community events, reservations, and rental prices for the Community Building, pavilions, and athletic fields.