Seminole County

Seminole County Jobs Growth Incentive Trust Fund

The Economic Development Department of Seminole County initiated a Jobs Growth Incentive Fund in 1995 for companies creating new jobs. Seminole County will consider awarding funds for expenses such as impact and permit fees, relocation costs, equipment purchases, land acquisition, building construction, loan interest pay-down, lease-hold improvements or any other legitimate business expense as determined by the Board of County Commissioners. Special consideration will be given to projects seeking to locate in targeted redevelopment areas. Preference will be given to projects that will be constructing new buildings.

This program is available to new, relocating, and expanding companies in Seminole County. New start-up companies must create a minimum of 3 new jobs that will earn 80% of the county’s average annual wage. Expanding companies must increase their employee base by a minimum of 10% and the jobs created must earn at least 80% of the county’s average annual wage. Companies relocating within Seminole County will need to create a minimum of 25 new jobs and must earn at least 115% of the county’s average annual wage. The county’s average annual wage is currently $44,552. Please note that the County is currently reviewing the program and there will be some changes made to the qualifying parameters. Please call our office for the details. The programs qualifying standards will be updated upon notice from the County. 

Customized Job Training

Quick Response Training (QRT) & Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)

Quick Response Training (QRT) reimburses new or expanding businesses for customized training. Through this employer-driven program, Florida is able to effectively retain and attract businesses creating new high-quality jobs. The program is structured to be flexible and to “respond quickly” to meet the business’s training objectives. The business gets to choose what training is needed, who provides it and how it should be provided.

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) reimburses existing for-profit businesses for employer-driven training. Through IWT, Florida is able to effectively retain businesses and help them stay competitive through skills upgrade training for existing full-time employees. The program is structured to be flexible to meet the business’s training objectives. The business may use public, private or in-house training providers based on the nature of the training.

Seminole Advisory Board Council

The Seminole Advisory Board Council is an economic development program that operates within Seminole State College of Florida's Small Business Services Department and is significantly funded by Seminole County Government. The Council acts as a matchmaker between established businesses and area professionals who volunteer their expertise as members of an advisory board. The Council's mission is to positively impact Seminole County businesses as measured by revenue and profit increases, job creation and retention, improved operations and customer service. The Council exists to help businesses grow and reach the next level.

Targeted Sectors for Seminole County, Florida
  • Communications
  • Computer Software and Hardware
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Laser Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Labs and Technology
  • Photonics
  • Research Development and Testing
  • Simulation, Modeling and Training
  • Space Technology, Aviation and Aerospace