City Budget & Financials

Budget Layout

The Budget is presented in a format that provides the City Commission, residents of Longwood, and staff with a more comprehensive, informative and understandable Budget document.

This Budget document is designed to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of readers and is organized into 5 major sections:
  1. Budget Summary
  2. General Fund
  3. Public Utilities Fund
  4. Other Funds
  5. Capital Improvement Program
In each of the major functions of the budget, readers will find stated goals, objectives and summarized information with graphs to assist in providing a more comprehensible budget.

The City of Longwood has made its Budget available online for your convenience, and you'll find it below. Should you have any questions, please contact the Department of Financial Services at 407-260-3475.

Budget Documents


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

The CAFR’s role is to assist in making economic, social, and political decisions and to assist in assessing accountability to the citizenry by:

  • Comparing actual financial results with the legally adopted budget, where appropriate
  • Assessing financial condition and results of operations
  • Assisting in determining compliance with finance related laws, rules and regulations 
  • Assisting in the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of City operations
Responsibility for both the accuracy of the presented data and the completeness and fairness of the presentation, including all disclosures, rests with the management of the City.

We believe the data, as presented, is accurate in all material respects; that it is presented in a manner designed to fairly present the financial position and results of operations of the City; and that all disclosures necessary to enable the reader to gain an understanding of the City’s financial activity have been included.