Fire Department Mission Statement

To promote public safety and education while providing for the welfare of the public through preservation of life property and the environment

Fire Department Vision Statement

The vision of the Longwood Fire Department is to be the recognized leader in Florida emergency Services. Through a diverse workforce, we will provide benchmark safety and emergency services through proactive educational services while embracing technology and innovative planning.

Fire Department Core Values


We strive for excellence in all we do. We are committed to fostering a sustained passion for continuous improvement in our knowledge, skills, and abilities through training, professional development, innovation, and ongoing evaluation. We seek out, nurture, and reward innovation in our daily activities in order to continually provide a safe environment for our members and our community.

Integrity & Honesty

We value the public’s trust and are committed to honest and ethical behavior. We hold ourselves accountable and have a personal commitment to the organization and the community. Self-discipline is the foundation for managing behavior. We will be fair and understanding in developing, implementing, and evaluating policy and practice, as well as in our personal interaction with others. We will seek to keep an appropriate balance between community, city, department, and individual priorities.

Athenian Oath

We will never bring disgrace to our City by any dishonesty or cowardice, not desert our suffering comrades in the ranks; we will fight for the ideals and sacred things of our City, both alone and with many; we will revere and obey the City’s laws and do our best to incite a like respect and reverence in those about us; and thus, in all ways, we strive to transmit this

The City is not less but greater, better, and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.

Honor & Respect

We recognize that our personal conduct is inseparable from the professional reputation of our fire department. We inspire each other through pride in our department and our City. We will provide our citizens and the customers we serve with the utmost respect through our professionalism, dedication, our vigilance, our duty to respond, and willingness to risk our lives in the performance of our duties.

Team Work

We seek out and value the input and opinions of our members at all levels of the organization. Through effective communication, a positive attitude, shared work, and collective commitments to common goals, we will be able to meet our responsibilities to ourselves and our customers. Teamwork is the building block that drives our department. We will work with others as a team to cooperate locally, regionally, and nationally to improve service to the public and maintain a safe and effective work environment. We believe that members have a responsibility to mentor others and “We” rather than “I” shall be the prevailing attitude and practice.

Customer Service

We will treat all people like they are family. Simply stated, “Customer service means being nice.” No matter how difficult the situation becomes, we will maintain our positive posture and ALWAYS maintain the moral high ground. We will be nice to everyone. Our decisions and actions are responsive to the customer’s needs. We exist to serve our community. Programs and solutions to major issues are developed in a proactive way with our customers and stakeholders.

Leadership & Empowerment

We believe in positive leadership with a vision for the future. We will mentor and empower ethical leaders throughout our organization. We will conduct ourselves as leaders in the community. We are committed to a flexible operating environment that facilitates the pursuit of new technologies, processes, and ideas that challenge the status quos. Employees are empowered to pursue creative solutions. Resourcefulness, efficiencies, and effectiveness are recognized and rewarded.