Site Location and Land Use

Where can I locate my business?

The Community Development Department maintains a list of properties available for sale or lease in the form of an interactive map. (Note: this link takes you off the Longwood website.)

In addition, the staff maintains a map that illustrates areas with high development and redevelopment potential as well as development and infrastructure improvements already occurring in the City. The map includes recently completed projects, projects under construction, the location of new housing projects, and traffic counts to help you get a better idea of a great location for your business.

The City's Economic Development Manager, Tom Krueger, is also available to provide even more detailed information about opportunities available in the City. For an interactive map that shares allowable uses within each of the future land use zones, development projects and infrastructure projects go to the Opportunity Module on the Starting a Business page.

Why is knowing the Future Land Use and Zoning of my property important?

The Future Land Use is the base layer for all properties in the City. A property's land use helps distinguish the general purpose of a piece of property, from low and medium-density residential to mixed-use, to industrial. A typical Future Land Use in the City, particularly along the main corridors, is "Infill and Mixed-Use (IMU)" which has a broad allowance for commercial, residential, light-use, and mixed-use projects.  

In addition to the Future Land Use, each property is assigned a zoning category. The zoning of a property determines the allowable uses, setbacks, density (amount of residential units), intensity (floor-area ratio), and other important factors. The City also has an overlay district called the Heritage Village in the heart of town. 

For further assistance, please contact the economic development personnel, located in the Community Development Building at 174 W Church Ave. in Longwood. (see the Business Home Page).