Estimating Fees

In order to help you better estimate the fees that may be associated with your new business, we've compiled a number of common fees that apply to projects of different sizes. While this is not a comprehensive list, it will be updated frequently to better help you plan for expenses with your project.

City of Longwood Impact Fees

These fees are intended to fund the projected capital requirements associated with providing Police, Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works/Administration services to new growth and development. The fee schedule is available on Municode.

Seminole County Impact Fees

Seminole County impact fees include transportation, library, and school fees. For more information on County impact fees, visit Seminole County's Impact Fee page. The County also provides an impact fee calculator to help you estimate their fees.

Water and Wastewater Fees

For areas served by the City of Longwood, the City will be your point of conect for any fees related to water and wastewater services. For more information and for fee estimates, contact Andrew Marsian, the City's Utilities Manager. He can also be reached at (407) 263-2378. 

Some areas of the City, particularly the western portion of the City, are served by Sunshine Water Services