Temporary Uses and Signage During COVID-19

In consideration of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Longwood businesses, the Acting City Manager of the City of Longwood Clint Gioielli has issued a city-wide Temporary Use Permit, TUP 03-20, to expand sign allowances for businesses that remain open under state orders. The authority to issue the permit was granted unanimously by the City Commission at its April 6, 2020 meeting. This is a response, in part, to feedback given by the Longwood business community in a survey conducted by the Community Development Department’s Economic Development Division.

What does TUP 03-20 mean for me as a Longwood business?

TUP 03-20 allows businesses that remain open under state orders to place certain temporary signs without the need for a temporary sign permit, temporary use permit, or any fees. The business must be a legally operating business within the City of Longwood under applicable state orders, and the signage must be placed on the parcel or development that the business is located on (or if expressly allowed in the right-of-way, adjacent to the parcel or development).

What if I have an idea for my business that doesn’t relate to signage?

The City Commission authorized the City Manager to waive or modify Temporary Use Permit requirements, meaning that the City has the ability to move quickly to consider and implement certain uses and site changes that might help support our businesses. If you have an idea, contact our Economic Development Manager Tom Krueger.

What type of signage or tents am I allowed to have under this permit?

Each business located in the City of Longwood that is legally operating under the applicable Governor’s Order may place temporary signs or tents of the following types without requiring a temporary sign permit, temporary use permit, or the payment of fees for said applications:

  1. A building-mounted banner sign of up to 32 SF (one per business)
  2. Choose one of the following sign types per business:
    • A second building-mounted banner sign of up to 32 SF
    • A ground-mounted banner sign up to 32 SF
    • Windfeather sign up to 32 SF
    • Balloons up to 25’ in height from ground level or from the building they are attached to
    • Tethered balloon displays (up to 2) up to 100’ in height from ground level
    • Sign spinner
    • Portable sign up to 32 SF
  3. A-Frame sign up to 10 SF
  4. On-site directional signage under 16 SF per sign directing drivers to a curbside pickup or takeout location
  5. A tent under 200 SF that is removed when not in use
  6. Pennants may be incorporated with allowable sign types

Do I need to get approval from the City for signage under this permit?

No, TUP 03-20 is intended to let businesses focus on drawing attention to their business and safely bringing in more customers! By placing signage under this authorization, business owners consent to and agree to abide by the conditions in TUP 03-20 (and included in this guide). For a copy of TUP 03-20, please e-mail our Community Development Coordinator Kristin Zack.

Are there any other sign requirements I should be aware of?

  • Ground-mounted temporary signs shall not be higher than 15 feet from ground level at the sign base.
  • No sign shall project over, into, or on a public right-of-way, except where sign spinners are located in said public right-of-way or where the banner is attached to a building immediately adjacent to a public sidewalk with proper pedestrian clearance.
  • Signs shall not be located in a manner to block or interfere with the sight of drivers.
  • All signs over pedestrian ways shall be a minimum of seven feet above the pedestrian way.
  • Signage and/or tents must not create issues with ingress or egress to the site, or with ADA compliance, or create any other public safety issues as determined by the City Manager or designee.
  • The City Manager maintains the authority to address any such issues created by a temporary sign under this section, including requiring a sign or tent to be relocated or removed by the property owner immediately if it creates any safety issues.

How long is this permit good for?

This Temporary Use Permit was extended by the City Commission to December 31, 2020 at the July 20th City Commission meeting.

What about hurricanes?

All temporary signage authorized under this section must be removed by the business within 24 hours of a state of emergency declaration regarding a hurricane or weather event.

Who do I contact if I have more signage questions?

The City’s Planning Division will be happy to help at planning@longwoodfl.org or (407) 260-3462!