Utility Services

The Utility Billing Division is responsible for billing and receiving payments for water, sewer, and residential garbage service (the City of Longwood may only provide a portion of these services depending on the location of the property). We also provide meter readings and handle inquiries about the utility services provided.

New Customers

Setting up a new account will require you to fill out an application and place a deposit on the account. Applications and deposits for service received before noon will be turned in on that same day, and deposits for service afternoon will be turned in on the next business day.

Requirements to open a new utility account:

1. Copy of Rental/Purchase Agreement

2. Copy of Driver’s License or official photo ID

3. Fill out the Application For Utility Services Form (PDF).

4. Submit your application to Utility Billing.

The residential deposit will be $65 or $115, depending on the services provided. (Price includes a $15 application fee)

  1. Michael Saylor

    Utility Billing Manager
    Phone: 407-260-3472

  2. Ryan Brower

    Customer Service Representative

  3. Doug Beasley

    Customer/Field Service Representative

  4. Utility Billing Services

    Phone: 407-260-3470 Ext. 2

  5. Make a Utility Payment

    Phone: 1-844-611-4017
    Additional Phone: 407-260-3470 Ext. 2

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 520548, Longwood, FL 32752-0548

  6. Hours

    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m

Terminate Account

Fill out the Termination Request (PDF) form.

Paying Your Bill

The Bank Drafting form (PDF) is available. Make sure to include a voided check with the form.

For more information contact us at (407) 260-3470.

Make your payment online.

Payment Drop Box

Located on the west side of the building, underneath the drive-through, and between the Financial Services Building and City Hall. 


Bills are mailed or made available through the website on the first (1st) of each month. Payments are due by the 15th of the month. All payments received after the due date will be assessed a late fee of $5 or 10% of the bill, whichever is greater. Standard returned check fees apply ($25 for checks under $50, $30 for checks greater than $50 but no greater than $300, and $40 if the value exceeds $300 or an amount of up to 5% of the face amount of the check).

Pennies for Parks (Round-Up Program)


The City of Longwood utility customers can opt to enroll in a voluntary round-up/contribution program. Through this program, you can have your utility bill “round up” to the next highest dollar amount, make a monthly contribution, or make a one-time contribution of your choosing. The proceeds from the program will be used to help improve our parks and events.