Code Compliance Policy

The actions of the Code Compliance Division are governed by Florida State Statutes Chapter 162 as well as relevant City codes and ordinances, including Resolution 21-1582, which goes into effect January 1, 2022.

Longwood Comprehensive Plan

(Future Land Use Element - Residential Neighborhood Protection Goal II, Objective I, Policies B and C) 

"Continually evaluate the City’s code enforcement program in order to ensure aggressive and efficient service to the residents.  This evaluation is to be undertaken by the City Administrator.  "

"Maintain a strong code enforcement program by ensuring adequate staff to meet existing and anticipated growth-related demands."

Resolution 21-1582 - Code Compliance Policy

Residential Compliance Approach

Single-family areas of the City will have daily patrolling.

  1. Where an address has two or more violations in a 6-month period, the Code Compliance Officer will do periodic, proactive checks of the address beyond the standard follow-up inspections associated with the initial violation.
  2. Single-family areas are generally defined as those within Low-Density Residential or Medium Density Residential zoning districts, or those areas having the appearance of a single-family neighborhood in another zoning district

Commercial Compliance Approach

The code compliance officer will complete multiple daily proactive patrols of the City’s commercial areas including the primary corridors of SR 434, Highway 17-92, Ronald Reagan Blvd., Rangeline Road, and the Florida Central Commerce Park. 


Staff will accept complaints by in-person reporting, phone calls, e-mails, or by submittals through the City’s website. 

Code Compliance issues are subject to Florida’s Public Records laws. The website includes multiple warnings that all information submitted is a public record and subject to records requests. Both the Code Compliance mainline and the Compliance Officer’s Voicemail Inbox will also contain messages to that end.

Proactive Education

Staff will work to provide proactive education on code issues to new businesses, Homeowners Associations, new residents, and more through multiple available means. This includes the preparation of brochures and social media updates on common code issues to address potential issues before they begin.

Where the violation is not an immediate life safety issue, and where it is a first-time violation, the code officer shall give the property owner an opportunity to address the violation before issuing a citation.


The City Manager will evaluate the Code Compliance staffing levels to ensure that it is serving the City’s needs in protecting the quality of neighborhoods and commercial corridors, while also not being overly burdensome on residents and business owners. 

Staff will seek internal solutions to streamline code compliance responsibilities to reduce the need for additional staff, however, should staffing be needed to address employee workload and meet Commission goals, the Department’s staffing will be increased accordingly.