Financial Reports

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)

The City of Longwood prepares the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report in compliance with Florida Statutes that require government bodies to issue a report on its financial position each year.  The report is continually awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers' Organization.

Longwood is proud to be recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association for excellence in its preparation of its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

This report assists in making economic, social, and political decisions and to assist in assessing accountability to the citizenry by:

  • Comparing actual financial results with the legally adopted budget, where appropriate
  • Assessing financial condition and results of operations
  • Assisting in determining compliance with finance-related laws, rules, and regulations 
  • Assisting in the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of City operations

Responsibility for both the accuracy of the presented data and the completeness and fairness of the presentation, including all disclosures, rests with the management of the City.

We believe the data, as presented, is accurate in all material respects; that it is presented in a manner designed to fairly present the financial position and results of operations of the City; and that all disclosures necessary to enable the reader to gain an understanding of the City’s financial activity have been included.

CAFR Cover Page

Original Report

Copies of the previous five years of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are posted with the Office of the Florida Auditor.

stack Opens in new windowAnnual Financial Report data is also posted with the State of Florida Department of Financial Services here.

Police & Fire Pension Reports

The City of Longwood uses the Florida Municipal Pension Trust Fund (FMPTF) from the Florida League of Cities.