Right of Way Permit

Work in the Right of Way

When work is to be performed within the city’s right-of-way (ROW) and/or lane closures are needed to perform work on the city’s roadways, a ROW permit is required.  Examples of typical ROW work are driveway reconstruction and utility installation.

A complete list of the right-of-way work requiring a permit can be found in section 2-424 of the Longwood Development Code (LDC).

Depending on the work to be performed, a permit fee will be required if the applicant does not have a current franchise agreement with the city.  Below is a list of the fees for the most common types of work requiring a ROW Permit.

Right of Way
Work Being Performed Fee                                                                                               
Residential Driveway Construction $25
Commercial Driveway Construction $300
Other Commercial Construction $200
Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Permit $200
Irrigation permit (*per inch of pipe diameter or fraction thereof) $10*

A complete list of the ROW permit fees can be found by following the link below under Code Location Section 2-424.

Submit Completed Right‐of‐Way Utilization Permits fillable form (PDF) electronically via Longwood Online Portal Link at:


This portal will allow for submittal of permit applications types, schedule inspections, pay applicable fees, and/or print permit cards.

Below is a tutorial to assist you in navigating our new Online Portal.

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