Special Needs Directory

Do you know someone who is struggling with Autism, Dementia, or other special needs? If the answer is “Yes” then the Longwood Police Department has a program to help improve law enforcement’s response to those with special needs.

The Special Needs Directory helps police officers improve services to those at risk of becoming lost or disoriented in our community. By adding your loved ones to the Longwood Police Department Special Needs Program, those at risk will receive a free high visibility sticker for their residence or vehicle.

Key information will be collected through the registration process and entered into a secure database. This information and the special identifiers will help law enforcement provide a faster, more seamless response to those in need.

Wellness, safety, and supporting our community are not only our mission but consistent with the Longwood Police Department’s guiding principles to protect and serve our community.

Any City of Longwood resident who requires additional assistance due to special needs during police, fire, or medical emergency may submit information to the directory. This includes any physical or mental disability that would limit an individual’s ability to communicate or cooperate with first responders.

  1. Special Needs Directory

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This can include individuals (not already under supervision) with autism, those who are deaf or blind, those who have intellectual disabilities, as well as individuals who have limited mobility. In the event that someone with special needs is unable to submit information on their own, a person who is authorized to act on their behalf may do so.

This is a voluntary directory. The information provided will be shared with 911, fire, police, EMS, and other first responders in times of crisis. If someone does not wish to disclose health information, they should not register. Providing this information does not guarantee that the person will receive immediate or special aid in an emergency or disaster. It is highly recommended that your own emergency plan is in place. Individuals should be aware that the City of Longwood may not be able to accommodate specific needs, but may be able to make a reasonable accommodation.

For more information or to obtain an application, please contact the Community Relations Supervisor or stop by the main lobby of the Longwood Police Department and ask for an application.