Administrative Operations

Mel started her professional life as a telephone operator answering 999 calls in England. After just a few months, she was promoted to Senior Operator, supervising a team of call takers.  

In June 2003, Mel took a position at a local government office and was quickly promoted to a benefits officer, assessing housing and council tax benefits for applicants needing welfare assistance.

In October 2004, Mel moved to Florida with her family, opening a business and managing a small team of people.

Francis, Mel
  1. Mel Francis

    Police Administrative Manager

Mel started her career in law enforcement as a 911 dispatcher with Oviedo Police Department in February 2006 and remained there part-time after joining Longwood Police Department as an Administrative Assistant in April 2012 until they closed their communication center in January 2013.

Mel was promoted to Records Specialist in early 2013, taking certifications in public records law, and records management.

In May 2018, Mel was promoted to Administrative Manager becoming responsible for uniforms and equipment, asset management, supervising the records department, and accreditation, and for the last five years Mel has managed the department’s fleet and building maintenance.

In August 2018 Mel completed the CFA Accreditation Manager certification, and in November 2018 she graduated from the Public Safety Leadership Development Certification Program. Later that same year was named Employee of the Year.

Mel enjoys gardening, spending time with her family, and is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book for her grandson with her husband.