Application Process

Step 1. Schedule a Pre-Application Meeting.

Schedule a Pre-Application meeting with the Community Development Department to go over your prospective application and the process to see if your project is a good fit for the program. Following the meeting, you'll receive instructions about submitting your application for the program. To set up your meeting, e-mail

Step 2. Submit your application.

After your Pre-Application meeting, you can submit your application, which shall include at a minimum the following:

  1. A detailed narrative including a written scope of work, business plan, and a description of how your proposal meets the project guidelines and scoring criteria
  2. Written approval of the property owner, if the applicant is not the property owner
  3. Cost estimates for the proposed work from a qualified contractor
  4. Plans, drawings, or renderings as applicable
  5. Other documentation as requested by staff to sufficiently consider the application

Step 3. Staff review period.

Applicants shall factor in at least 30 days of review time for the application process into their project schedule, though most applications will not require that much time.

The application will be reviewed by a committee of City staff that will recommend action based on the consistency of the proposal with these guidelines.

The Community Development Director will consider the recommendation of the committee and decide to approve, approve with conditions or at a lower amount than requested, or deny the application.

Step 4. Start your project.

For an approved application, a grant agreement will be provided to the applicant. Once signed, the applicant can acquire the necessary permits and begin work. By applying to the program, the applicant agrees that they are responsible to ensure that all necessary permits for the project are secured before work begins.

All work must be completed within 6 months of the signed grant agreement.

Step 5. Submit for funding and reimbursement.

Grants provided are reimbursement grants, such grants being a cash match for funds disbursed by an applicant.

Reimbursement of funds takes approximately 30-60 calendar days once copies of all paid invoices, cancelled checks and photos of completed project, are received.