Live Local Act

The State of Florida passed Senate Bill 102, the “Live Local Act” during the 2023 legislative session to address Florida’s affordable housing crisis. One of the components of this legislation is that multi-family apartment projects which commit to dedicating at least 40% as affordable housing for 30 years must be considered an allowable use when located on properties zoned commercial, industrial, or mixed-use, even if multi-family development is prohibited by the Longwood Development Code (LDC) in that category.

On October 2, 2023, the City Commission of the City of Longwood adopted Ordinance 23-2240 which incorporates the changes in state law into the Longwood Development Code to help provide guidance in the implementation of these changes.

The primary impacts of the Live Local Act on Longwood's Development Code are as follows:

  • Apartments developed under the Live Local Act are, pursuant to the changes in state law, now allowed in the Neighborhood Commercial, Gateway, General Commercial, 17-92, Infill and Mixed-Use, Light Industrial, and Industrial Core zoning districts when meeting the affordable housing requirements in SB 102.
  • SB 102 states that properties developed under the Live Local Act may be developed at "highest allowed density . . . where residential development is allowed." The maximum allowable density in the Longwood Development Code without a density bonus is 15 dwelling units per acre.
  • Prior to approval of a site development plan for a "Live Local" project, the applicant most record deed restrictions running with the land that: 
    • prohibit any affordable housing unit from being rented or sold at a price that exceeds the threshold for housing that is affordable for low-income or moderate-income persons or to a buyer who is not eligible due to their income;
    • is binding for at least 30 years consistent with the Live Local Act
    • provides for the city’s enforcement remedies
    • provides for reporting and monitoring requirements
    • details the affordable housing and project conditions and restrictions. 

It is no secret that there has been a high demand for apartments within the City of Longwood in recent years. While the City Commission recently designated large sections of the city’s corridors as commercial to help promote the development of retail and restaurants, the passage of the Live Local Act has greatly expanded the areas within the city that multi-family development meeting the standards of SB 102 may be developed. 

The City will remain committed to the attraction and retention of retail and restaurants, and work through every available avenue to be able to deliver those projects to our residents.

For the text of the recently passed Ordinance 23-2240, please e-mail us here.

To view the text of Senate Bill 102 (The Live Local Act), please click here.