Finishing Touches

When you're ready to open your new business, you'll probably be ready to think about signage, paint, and all of the other finishing touches to get your business customer-ready. 

This is a guide to common considerations when opening your business. Our Planning Division is always available to help you with these items by e-mail or phone at (407) 260-3462.


  • Permanent signs including ground and building signage require a building permit.
  • For an existing box or monument sign where you can pop out a plastic face and replace it, no permit is required.
  • New, permanent ground signs are required to be monument-style signs.
  • Temporary signage (banners, windfeather signs, etc.) require a permit and are subject to certain timing restrictions. There are allowances for new or relocated businesses, and for businesses that are currently under construction. These standards have recently changed, but please reference Section 6.6.3 of Ordinance 22-2220 for more information.
  • Window signage does not require a permit, but must only cover 25% or less of the window area.


  • Painting the exterior of your building requires a permit. 
  • A maximum of 5 colors is allowed, with high-intensity primary colors, neon/electric colors, and black being prohibited as body colors. However, some of these colors may be allowed as part of a corporate color scheme on a percentage of the building.
  • Non-shingle roofs and metal awnings shall be consistent with the color selections.


  • Landscaping must remain consistent with your property's approved landscaping plan, meaning that all required plant material is healthy and maintained.
  • Tree removal requires a permit for trees 3" DBH (diameter at breast height) or larger. Simple clearing of brush or material smaller than 3" DBH does not require a permit, so long as the result is consistent with the site's approved landscaping plan.
  • If you're not sure whether your site has an approved landscape plan, check with our Planning Division. Landscape plans typically include requirements for hedges along the boundary of the property, trees within parking lots, and foundation landscaping.

Restriping and Resealing a Parking Area

  • Restriping and resealing your parking area can greatly improve your curb appeal and helps to announce the presence of your business. This requires a simple permit to ensure that, where possible, the site is updated to current standards for parking spaces and drive aisles.