Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Yes. A tree removal permit shall be required for the removal, replacement, or alteration of trees unless specifically exempted (see exemptions below). Alteration includes damaging, topping, root pruning, cutting, hatracking, poisoning, or grade change that can be expected to adversely affect the health of protected trees and vegetation. A tree removal permit can be applied for through our on-line portal under Planning and Zoning applications.

Tree removal permit exceptions:

  1. Emergency removal due to storm damage as well as removal by the city from the right-of-way shall not require a permit.
  2. Owner-occupied single-family dwellings are exempt from the tree protection requirements and are not required to obtain a tree removal permit. Where the occupant of the single-family is not the owner, the owner may provide a letter requesting the exception for that occupant. Staff will review the application to ensure that the removal is limited to the minimum amount of tree removal necessary and not intended to avoid requirements for the construction of a subdivision.

Code Reference: LDC 3.5.5

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