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City Hall

  1. Board Application Form

    This Application Form is a Public Record under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, and is open to public inspection. If you are... More…

Community Development Services

  1. Community Development Customer Satisfaction Survey

    The following survey is for customers of the Community Development Department of the City of Longwood.


Economic Development

  1. Business Tax Receipt

    This form is to submitted when applying for the City of Longwood's Business Tax Receipt. The form is to be completely filled out.

  1. Home Occupation Form

    Home Occupation Form

Human Resources

  2. Employment Application

    Please take your time to fill out all areas of the application. Be as complete and accurate as possible. If there is a question you are... More…

  1. Employee Recognition Form

    An Employee Recognition Form: 1. Recognizes employees for their achievements and/or dedication to public service. 2. Acknowledges... More…

Intranet - Employee Portal

  1. Kudos Form!

    Kudos Forms: 1. Recognizes employees for their achievements and/or dedication to public service. 2. Acknowledges individuals and... More…

Leisure Services

  1. Armed Forces & First Responder Banner Program Interest Form

    The City of Longwood is both proud and excited to be able to offer the opportunity to those interested in purchasing a recognition or... More…

  2. Sponsor / Vendor Interest Form

    Each year many businesses, companies, and organizations contribute their time and money to the Leisure Services Department. With their... More…

  1. Site Suggestions Form

Police Forms

  1. Business Watch Registration Form
  2. City Of Longwood Christmas Parade Registration
  3. Neighborhood Complaint Form
  1. Citizens on Patrol Form

    If you are interested in joining the finest Citizens on Patrol in Seminole County please complete this form.

  2. Electronic Tips Form