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Community Development Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Answers are Public Record
    This form is provided as an opportunity for our customers to provide feedback on the level of customer service our Department has provided, and how we can be better serve you. Please be aware that email addresses, surveys and survey results are public records under Florida law and are not exempt from public-records requirements. Completing this form constitutes an understanding that any information provided may be made available to the public upon request. You are under no obligation to complete this form, and you may choose to omit any identifying information.
  2. How would you rate the overall service you received?
  3. The results of this survey are subject to public records laws in the State of Florida.
    You are under no obligation to provide any identifying information, however, if you would like us to contact you to follow up on any comments, suggestions, or concerns that you have about the Development Review Process, please provide your contact information below.
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