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Paint Application

  1. Longwood Logo 2011 Examples v2

  2. City of Longwood
    Paint Application

  3. Building colors for non-residential and Historic District properties must be approved by the Community Development Services Department and meet the following criteria

    Outside of the Historic District:
    • A maximum of five colors may be used on the exterior of any building, excluding the color of unpainted natural stone or roof material. Color selections must be complementary.
    • High-intensity primary colors, electric, neon, fluorescent, and metallic colors, and black shall not be utilized as a body color. These colors may only be utilized as part of a corporate color scheme and in this instance, only as a replacement for either the trim or accent (not body) color, and only up to 20 percent of the total square footage of any one building facade.
    • The city community development services department maintains an optional color palette. An applicant choosing from the optional palette will receive over-the-counter approval of their paint permit.

    Historic District:
    • Refer to the color guide in the Historic District Code Book Page 3.22.

  4. Submittal Requirements:

    • Property Owner Authorization – Where the applicant is not the property owner, include property owner authorization for painting the building.
    • Elevations and Color Map – A color elevation of the building indicating where on the building each color selection will be placed.
    • $25.00 Application Fee (Paint Color Selection with Approved Site Plan – No Cost)

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