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Pre-Development Inquiry Session Application

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  2. City of Longwood
    Pre-Development Inquiry Session Application

  3. A Pre-Development Inquiry Session is an informal opportunity for you to outline your project and review drawings and concepts with city staff. There is no fee charged for a Pre-Development meeting, and these meetings can save you time and money in the preparation of plans by identifying code and technical requirements that are relevant to your project early in the planning process. Staff representatives from Engineering, Planning, Building, Fire and Public Works may be present at this meeting to advise you of any technical concerns that might need to be addressed before you start your project.

  4. Submittal Requirements

    Please submit all of the below items to

    • Project Description – Describe existing and proposed use of site and existing buildings. Describe proposed new construction or activity, demolition, site history, use of hazardous materials, or anything unusual or significant about the operations.
    • Proposed Site Plan or Sketch – Include as much detail as possible. Site features may include: buildings, parking spaces, driveways, property lines, fences, streets, curbs, and sidewalks, trash enclosures, landscaping and natural features, and any existing or proposed signage.
    • Photographs and/or Elevations (if available) – Front, rear, and side views of existing buildings. Front, rear, and side views of any proposed buildings or improvements, if applicable. Include aerial photographs if available.
    • Conceptual Floor Plans (if available) – Label rooms with the use and dimensions of all spaces, if applicable.
    • Property Information Record Card from Seminole County Property Appraiser – Attach a copy of the Property Information Card from the Seminole County Property Appraiser’s website where you can search by owner, address, or parcel number.

  5. Pre-Development meetings are held every Thursday afternoon at 2:30 P.M. and 3:15 P.M. Applications must be submitted by 3:00 P.M. Friday of the week prior to the desired meeting date. Appointments are limited to 45 minutes. In the event that no times are available for the upcoming week, applications will be scheduled for the next available meeting date.

  6. Project Description:

    The more information you provide prior to the meeting, the more useful the meeting will be. Some of the things that may be useful prior to the meeting include:

    *Exact nature of business
    *Size of building
    *Site plan
    *Building plans
    *Number of parking spaces
    *Any other useful information

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