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Temporary Use Permit

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  2. City of Longwood

    Temporary Use Permit

  3. A temporary use is a use or activity offered to the general public on private property which is not contemplated in the approved site plan or other development approval, and which is generally consistent with the applicable district. Temporary uses shall include gatherings or events, or series of related consecutive or recurring daily gatherings or events, including but not limited to, those of an entertainment, cultural, recreational, educational, commercial, social or sporting nature, which occur outdoors on a site and/or create traffic and site impacts that exceed those generally anticipated for the site.

  4. Submittal Requirements

    Please submit all items to

    • Property Owner Authorization – Where the applicant is not the property owner, include notarized property owner authorization for the event.
    • Completed and Signed City Code Chapter 58 – Complete and sign to confirm review of Chapter 58 on Page 4 of this application.
    • Project Narrative – A complete written description of temporary use activities.
    • Event Map on Site Plan or Survey – A site plan detailing the extent of the event including safe ingress/egress for pedestrians and vehicles, the location of any buildings, parking spaces, signage, tents, or other items associated with the event.
    • Sign Dimensions and Location – For signs that do not require a separate building permit, provide graphics, dimensions, and a location map for any event signage.

  5. Waiver Request

    TUP standards may be waived or modified by the City Commission with a waiver request, a completed application, and an additional fee.
    • Letter indicating the requested waivers/modification and a justification for the need for the waiver/modification must be submitted to the city no later than 30 working days prior to the event.

  6. Application Type

  7. Additional Permits

  8. Completed applications are due 15 working days prior to event start date. Completed applications with waiver requests are due 30 days prior to event start date to allow for City Commission review.

  9. Operating hours are limited to 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., though compliance with any nuisance requirements is still required.

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