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1. What should I do if my smoke detector is hooked directly to a power source?
2. How often should I change the batteries in my smoke detector?
3. Why can't the Fire Department fill my swimming pool?
4. Will I see a doctor faster if I go to the hospital by ambulance?
5. Does the Fire Department exchange sharps containers?
6. Does the Fire Department perform free blood pressure checks?
7. Why does an engine come to my house when I call for a medical emergency?
8. Does the Fire Department fill fire extinguishers?
9. How do I contact Seminole County Fire Department for unincorporated Longwood?
10. How do I get a copy of an EMS Transport Report?
11. Who do I contact for questions about my EMS transport bill?
12. How do I get a Fire truck to come to a school function?
13. Who do I contact about properly installing a car seat?